Friday, December 10, 2010

The Flip Side

So, here we are.  A blog.  With a title.  After much thought, deliberation and conversation we have arrived at a title that works.  "The Flip Side".  "Why 'The Flip Side'" you ask?  Well, what it really came down to was that it was time to create a blog.  Past time actually.  For those of you who have never done such a thing, when you go to create your blog there is an entry field that is entitled "Blog Name", or some such title, and in that place you enter what you wish the name of your blog to be.  I got to this entry and it was like time stood still.  This was it.  The moment.  After spending what seems like an eon thinking, deliberating and conversing on this thing, this, the title of our blog, (It feels like much more of a big deal than it really is) the moment was here.  I turned to my wife and spoke these profound words; "Uh, so... What now?"  About one minute later, "the name" came out of my mouth and we thought, "That sounds all right.  Sure!  Let's go with that!"  Thusly, the name of our blog.

It does have meaning though, and I'm sure that as time progresses it will come to have more meaning.  That's the great thing about a title like this.  Someone can come up and say, "Wow!  Great title!  Does it mean this?"  Then from their mouth spews the most beautiful, profound and poetical thing that you have ever heard.  Something that leaves you reeling, literally staggering backwards as you recover your senses and try to remain upright.  You causally sniff, reach up and do something with your hair (in the case of those who are "folliclly challenged", a collar adjustment works also) and respond, "Yeah, that's right.  That's exactly right.  That's what I meant all along."  Then, as your emotions overflow from the depths of the beauty and meaning of the words that they have just uttered, you reach up to wipe away that suspicious drop of moisture at the corner of your eye and say, "Allergies."

The power of a title.  I'll leave you now to contemplate the beauty and depths of meaning to be found in "The Flip Side".  And if you think you have it, ask me.  Because you're right.  You're exactly right.  That's what it meant all along.

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  1. Lol, great opening post! Especially liked the "folliclly challenged". Looking forward to following your family's adventures here.