Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens

I'd just like to say a quick word about my previous post on golfing.  If you are one of the ones who read through the whole post, thank you.  I think winter/cabin fever was setting in and it caused me to spew out golf.  I'm glad it's out of my system now.  I feel much better.

Moving on.

I was recently asked what one of my favorite things has been so far as we have gone through Ministry Partnership.  Several things came to mind but the response that I gave was that I have enjoyed the surprises that have come along the way so far.  When we unexpectedly receive support from someone it is a great boost in morale, and gives us fuel to keep on going.  One day last week we saw a friend who we haven't seen in several years pull into the local McDonalds and so we followed her in  (No, we haven't resorted to stalking).  Karen and I were able to have a nice little chat with her as her children played on the playplace.  Up to that point we hadn't had any contact with them and not only were we able to visit that day, but we were privileged to be able to go to their home a few days later and had a great visit with them.  Unexpected surprises.

One other thing that came to mind was how much we have enjoyed getting in touch with so many of our friends that we haven't seen in many years.  Friends from school and work, friends who we grew up with, and also the chance to make some new friends along the way.  This has definitely been one of my favorite things.

As I thought about this question later in the day, I realized that the thing that I have enjoyed the most so far has been the chances that we have had to encourage and support those who we have come into contact with along the way.  I'm not trying to sound "holier than thou" or anything like that, but there have been a few times when after a good visit with someone they have told us that they were very encouraged and blessed as we visited with them that evening.  To hear things like that is always a blessing in return to us.  It's pretty amazing how God uses the people around us to encourage us and lift each other up.  I know it's not snowflakes that fall on my nose and eyelashes, but it's definitely one of my favorite things.

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  1. Well, I made it almost all the way through the golf post :) Keep up the great work, I like the writing style.

    And we certainly enjoyed our visit and chance to re-connect with you guys. Hope you have a great transition back to Three Hills.