Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well, things are moving along now that we have been given our posting. We have begun to learn a little bit more about Uganda, and thanks to the joys of You Tube I have even been able to get a glimpse of some of the planes that I will be flying and some of the airstrips that I may find myself going into one day. Check out the top video on the video page if you're interested in seeing some of the airstrips in Uganda. Of course, our date of departure is not set in stone yet. At this point that date depends upon our support requirements being met at that time. If you have thought about partnering with us and MAF in this ministry, now is the time! We still have 27% of our monthly support to raise as well as just over half of our outgoing amount. We have been blessed over and over again as we have seen people respond through both prayers and financial support, partnering with us in this ministry.

There are three significant dates on our time line at this point. The first is January 29 - February 10. These are the dates of a course that Karen and I will be attending at Ashburnham, UK. This course will orient us to the workings of MAF-Africa region, as well as give us some training and prepare us a little bit for our cross cultural work and some of the things that we will experience as we go to Uganda. The next significant dates for us are February 27 - March 23. These are the dates when we will be headed (as a family) to Nampa, Idaho, where I will be going through the technical standardization course there. This will teach me the about the policies and procedures that MAF has in place to make sure that all of the MAF pilots out there are flying their aircraft to the same high technical standard. It will be a combination of both ground schooling as well as actual flight time. This could be a bit of a challenge as I have not flown since last November, but I am hoping that I will be able to get a few hours in prior to leaving for Nampa. The third date is the big one. Departure for Uganda. We arrive back from training in Nampa on March 23, 2012, and our departure date is set to be March 31. The first two sets of dates are pretty much set in stone, but this one could change a little bit depending mostly on support levels as well as personal items that could affect the date.

Thanks to all of you once again for your prayers and support during this time. We couldn't do this without you.


  1. Hi there from Uganda - we are looking forward to having you guys here next year!
    All the best for 'Facts and Friction' and the Nampa orientation - I remember having a lot of fun on the course (even though it was hard work!).
    Hopefully we'll see you April next year.
    Laurie Nason (Pilot/IT Manager MAF-Uganda)

  2. PS Your "Time in Uganda" is incorrect - it's should be an hour later than it is. Either that or I got out of bed too early this morning....