Monday, September 12, 2011

Uganda & Canada, a comparison

It's difficult to learn about another country, even in our online and connected day and age.  No matter how prepared we think we may be when we leave here for Uganda, it's going to be different than we imagine it will be.  I was doing a little bit of quick fact finding and researching a few things like "How big is the country of Uganda?", and "How many people live there?"  I took the answers that I found and put them together into a short PowerPoint slide presentation.  You'll need either PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer to view the short presentation.  Also, once you start the presentation it should move through the slides automatically, without any clicking required.  When the "open" or "save" box comes up, click on "open", and then with most viewers if you press the "F5" key it will start the presentation.  When the screen goes black at the end, just hit "esc" to get out of the show.  Click HERE to have a look. 

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