Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time. It is Coming... (Quickly)

It's hard to believe that it's already been more than 20 days since I posted here.  It really feels as though it's been only a few days.  When I last posted here, Karen and I were on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, far away from our children, and working to get over the jet-lag.  So much has happened since then.  Our "Facts & Friction" course that we attended in England was great.  There was so much that we went over that Karen and I had not thought about yet, and also some things that were brought back to the front of our minds that had slipped into the deep recesses over the last few months.  When asked if it was worth it for us to go there and participate in the course, our response is, "Absolutely."  It was tough to be away from our kids, but to meet so many good people and put faces to names, as well as to have the chance to build relationships with the other attendees made it all worth while, not to mention the course content.

The trip home went well.  It's always a little easier to come from east to west than it is to go the other way, so the jet-lag on the return trip wasn't nearly so noticeable as it was on the way there.  Our plane touched down in Grande Prairie on Saturday evening around 7:30 local time, and we were whisked away to my parents place for the night.  We woke up the next morning and made our way with our kids to church for our commissioning service there.  It was great.  Many of our friends and family made special trips out to be there for us, and it made it that much more special for us.  We had booked the basement of the church after the service, and we were able to have a potluck lunch with many of our friends and family who were there that morning.  It was so nice to be able to talk with many of them, and to share a little bit more detail about some of the things that had happened and the things that are to happen.  After that was finished and everything cleaned up, we finally made our way to our home, where the next day and a half was all about resting up and re-setting our circadian rhythms back to Alberta time.  That was all the rest that these two weary people were able to get, as our focus transitioned to packing up our home.

While we were in England my Dad had been able to rent out our home in Rycroft, which was a huge answer to prayer for us.  Our tenants were to take possession of our house on February 22nd, and this meant that we had just over one week to pack our home up.  This would have been an adventure at any time, but this time we also were wanting to sort much of our things into three piles.  There was the "To Store Here" pile, for things that were going into storage here during our time overseas, the "This Goes to the Garbage Dump" pile, for things that were on their last legs and were not worth storing, and the "These Things are Going to Uganda" pile, for the things that we are hoping to be able to take with us.  Did I mention that on the Tuesday after we came home we had our last round of vaccinations?  Well, just as we were getting into the swing of packing, our Yellow Fever vaccine reared it's ugly head.  First our son was ill, waking us up at 1:30am on Thursday night as he made his way to vomit in the bathroom.  Then it was my turn on Friday night, and it put me on my back for all of Saturday as well.  Both Karen and I were feeling "Blah" on Sunday, so after our weekend which was to be full of much preparation and packing, zero progress had been made.  This brings me to Monday morning, only... 6 days ago.

Monday morning was the day set aside to take our "To Store Here" pile to Karen's sister's place, where she and her husband have a shipping container on their yard which they are graciously allowing us to use to store our things in.  Monday morning saw us being totally unprepared for anything, and to liken our house that morning to a beehive would probably be an understatement.  By about 2:00pm the trailer was packed and ready to go, and we made the hour and a half drive to drop our things off.  We returned to our house around 7:00pm, and quickly packed some clothes for the next day and headed down the road to my (Dallas') parents house for the night (Our beds were now "stored").  Tuesday morning saw us back in Rycroft, taking a huge load to the dump and then packing the remainder of our house to take to my parents, which is where we will live until we leave.  Wednesday we returned to Rycroft one last time to clean our house from top to bottom before handing over the keys later that day.  Carpets were cleaned, cupboards washed, a little spot painting done, more washing, and we were finally ready for our tenants to take possession.  Whew.

We took a deep breath, and then continued the craziness.  This was Wednesday evening, and on Thursday morning we were to leave for a three day road trip to Nampa, Idaho, which is where I will be undergoing technical standardization and training with MAF for the next month.  Karen started the laundry, and I dove into work on the computer which needed to be done before leaving the next morning.  My parents met our tenants and handed over the keys (as my parents were on their way to small group that night... thanks Mom & Dad), and then Karen's body decided that it didn't appreciate carrying her supper around and "Blah!", more vomit action.  I sent her to bed, and did my best to continue the laundry myself.  My parents came home, and Mom was again a huge help as she pitched in to help out with our laundry.  The next morning, we got up and packed our newly laundered clothes and headed down the road.

And here I am.  In Nampa with my family.  Three days later, after about 25 hours which have been spent traveling.  Customs cleared after only one hours delay, one nasty snow storm that reduced visibility to about 50 feet and slowed traffic to about 40km/hour for about an hour, and one detour due to high winds which were blowing dust across the interstate and shut it down.  Thanks to everyone who have been holding us up in prayer this week, we sure felt it and needed it.  We couldn't do all of this without the prayer support and encouragement that you all provide for us.  We are excited for the next month, which will see me fly again after a 14 month hiatus from the skies.  We'll do our best to keep you all informed as our journey to Uganda continues.

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  1. oh guys need a vacation!! Glad to hear you made it safe....I know Phil is really enjoying catching up and hanging out with you all again. We would love to skype with you guys sometime....K & L want to see the kids. You're in our prayers. Mer