Q: How much support do you need to raise?
A: MAF asks each missionary family to raise $7,200/month, regardless of the country that they work in.  We must also raise $35,000 for a one-time, outgoing amount.

UPDATE: MAF has increased the monthly support goal by 10%.  Our new monthly goal is $7,200.

Q: That's a lot of money to raise each month.  Why do you need to raise that much?  I don't even make that much money.
A: This is the average cost for MAF Canada to keep more than 50 families in the field.  The $7,200 goes into a pooled account where MAF disperses it as follows; Of the $7,200 about 50% of it is used to cover salaries including CPP, EI and Income Tax.  10% goes towards housing expenses.  10% goes towards medical costs as we will no longer be benefiting from the health care system in Canada.  10% covers our home assignment (furlough) times, which includes expenses while at home and the cost incurred to travel to and from the field.  It also includes the documents required to travel (visas, passports, etc).  9% covers the cost of educating our children as they will no longer be able to benefit from the Canadian school system.  Finally, 11% goes towards the costs of administration that is related to us for items such as our newsletters, prayer cards, management of donations and other expenses.

Q: When should we begin sending in support?
A: Our typical answer to this question is that "The faster that the support comes in, the faster we will be able to depart for the field."  We will not be able to leave before our support reaches 100%.  Now is the time to begin.  If you would rather wait until closer to our departure, it would be great if you would let us know in advance so that we can keep our records up to date.

Q: What is the "Outgoing Cost" for?
A: We have been asked to raise $35,000 for outgoing expenses.  This covers items such as;
          1. Candidacy
          2. Orientation
          3. Shipping our belongings to the field
          4. Travel
          5. Ministry Partnership expenses
          6. Airplane tickets
          7. MAF flight training
          8. Documentation (Visas, etc)
          9. Language School
          10. Any other expenses needed to get us to the field

Q: How do I donate?
A: Click HERE to go to our "Donate" page, where you can find out about the different options for donating to MAF.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask us and we will do our best to satisfy your curiosity.

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